Club Keno

Buy tickets ANYWHERE and watch drawings ANYTIME


Club Keno "to go" is all of the fun and excitement of Club Keno, but played in the comfort of your own home! With Club Keno "to go" you can take your ticket with you and watch the drawings at any time that you choose. With a new drawing every few minutes the fun never ends!

Visit your favorite Michigan Lottery retailer to pick up a Club Keno "to go" ticket — wager cost starts at $1. Not sure how to fill out your playslip... click here for details or just ask your retailer for a $5 or $10 Easy Pick.

Take your ticket home and watch your drawings or download the Michigan Lottery Mobile App and watch your drawings anywhere! We'll even calculate your winnings automatically!

To claim a cash prize bring your winning ticket to any Michigan Lottery retailer, or visit a Michigan Lottery claim center if your prize is over $600.

Keno ExampleReading your ticket

1) Your numbers
2) Did you play the kicker?
3) How many draws did you play?
4) How much did you wager per game?
5) If you played The Jack, you will see the logo here.
6) Jack Numbers (if played)
7) Your first draw number