$1,000,000 Play it Again Drawing

Play it Again is everyone's favorite second chance drawing for a shot at $1,000,000!


$1,000,000 PLAY IT AGAIN

Play It Again is the second chance drawing available exclusively to Players Club members.

Redeem just 10 points in the rewards catalog for entries into the $1,000,000 drawing!

Enter now through August 2, 2016 for your chance to win! Three (3) lucky finalists will be selected August 5, 2016 for entry into the $1,000,000 Grand Prize Drawing!



The "Play It Again™" program offers players the opportunity to enter into a second chance drawing to win a $1,000,000 annuitized grand prize. Players who are registered members of the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery’s (Bureau) Internet-based VIP club, Players Club, can redeem Reward Points for entry into the Play It Again program.

Following the Promotional Period, on August 5, 2016, one (1) finalist drawing will be conducted. In the finalist drawing, three (3) winners will be selected to receive entry into the grand prize drawing. In September 2016, the grand prize drawing will be conducted and one (1) finalist will be awarded a $1,000,000 annuitized grand prize.

  1. DEFINITIONS - as used in this directive. 
    1. Bureau - means the Michigan Bureau of State Lottery.
    2. Commissioner - means the Commissioner of the Bureau or any person to whom the Commissioner's authority is lawfully delegated.
    3. Cash Option Payment Definitions - 
      1. Cash option payment under Internal Revenue Code 26 USC 451 (h) means the eligible person who has won a qualified prize who has a 60-day option to elect to receive a discounted single cash payment in exchange for the right to receive future installment payments. The election must be exercised within sixty (60) days of the filing of a claim.
      2. Eligible person means an individual taxpayer on the cash receipt and disbursements method of accounting; including partnerships or other pass-through entities consisting entirely of individual taxpayers as described in this paragraph.
      3. Installment prize or annuitized prize means a qualified prize.
      4. Cash option payment means a one time payment where the full face value of a series of installment payments is reduced to present cash value.
      5. Discounted single cash payment means the discounted rate used by the Bureau in determining cash option payment and reflects bond market conditions.
      6. Present cash value is the annuitized prize discounted to present value using the discount rate. This is the amount paid to the winner selecting the cash option payment.
    4. Players Club - means the Bureau's Internet-based VIP Club.
    5. Play It Again – means the Bureau's program where Players Club members can redeem Reward Points into a second chance drawing for a chance to win a $1,000,000 annuitized grand prize.
    6. Promotional Period – means the period of time between August 3, 2015 and August 2, 2016 during which Players Club members may redeem Reward Points for entry.
    7. Reward Points – means Points assigned to an individual Players Club member account which can be accrued by performing eligible actions or purchases as prescribed by the Bureau. Reward Points have no cash value.
    8. Valid Entry – entry must be submitted via the Internet by a qualified, registered Players Club member, at least eighteen (18) years of age, with a valid address, within the State of Michigan, who has logged in with his or her account log-in information while in the State of Michigan, has accumulated sufficient Rewards Points to redeem for an entry, and has clicked on the hyperlink specifically developed for the purpose of recording the entry.
    1. To be eligible to enter the "Play It Again™" participants must be a qualified, registered Players Club member.
    2. Each Valid Entry will earn one (1) entry during the "Play It Again™" Promotional Period.
    3. All entrants must be at least 18 years old and a current resident of the State of Michigan.
    4. A player may only be selected one (1) time during this "Play It Again™" Promotional Period.
    5. The deadline to enter Reward Points during this Promotional Period is August 2, 2016 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.
    To submit an entry, a qualified, registered member of the Players Club must redeem ten (10) of his or her current Reward Points. The ten (10) Reward Points will be automatically deducted from the Players Club member's current Reward Points total.
    1. A Players Club member may enter as many times as his or her accumulated Reward Points will allow.
    2. A Players Club member will be considered ineligible and his or her entries and associated Reward Points voided if the Bureau determines that the member provided false ticket or membership information or did bit submit a Valid Entry.
    3. The Bureau will contact each finalist by phone at the contact information specified in the finalist's Players Club account profile.
    4. Entries may only be submitted online at the "Play It Again" program entry page accessible from Mail-in and hand-delivered entries will not be accepted.

    Only Players Club members with a sufficient number of Reward Points who make a Valid Entry are eligible to enter this promotion. Bureau employees or any spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of abode of an employee are not eligible to enter or win in this promotion. Any Bureau contractor or subcontractor or his or her employees who have access to information that is not readily available to the public is also not eligible to enter or win in this promotion.

    1. A two-step procedure is performed to randomly select three (3) finalists and six (6) alternates for the Play It Again™ finalist drawing. First a pre-drawing procedure is conducted using the Michigan Lottery Second Chance Drawing application to randomly select a pool of entries from the total number of entries received during the Promotional Period.
    2. The pool of entries drawn in the pre-drawing procedure will be the entries used in the Play It Again finalist drawing.
    3. One (1) Play It Again program finalist drawing will be held according to the following schedule:
      Drawing Promotional Period Drawing Date Finalists Selected Alternates Selected Prize
      Finalist August 3, 2015 through August 2, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EDT August 5, 2016 3 6 Entry into $1,000,000 Grand Prize Drawing
    4. Entry deadlines and drawing dates are subject to change. Changes will be announced by the Bureau at least seven (7) days prior entry deadline or drawing date.
    5. In the finalists drawing, three (3) finalists will be randomly selected from the pool of Valid Entries received during the Promotional Period. Once a finalist is confirmed by the Bureau, he or she will be placed in the drawing pool for the $1,000,000 grand prize drawing.
    6. Although a Players Club member may enter as many times as his or her Reward Points allow, a Players Club member may only be selected one time (1) as a finalist for the grand prize drawing.
    7. In accordance with the Bureau's procedures, alternate entries will be drawn, and if necessary, will be substituted for a disqualified finalist
    8. All Valid Entries in a drawing will have an equal chance of being selected.
    9. The odds of being selected as a finalist depends on the number of Valid Entries received for the drawing.
    10. The Bureau will contact finalists by telephone within three (3) business days of the finalist drawing. Finalists will be contacted using the contact information provided in their Players Club accounts. If all attempts to locate a finalist fail within ten (10) business days from the drawing date, excluding weekends and State of Michigan holidays, an alternate will be substituted for a disqualified finalist.
    11. Once confirmed, the finalists' name will be posted on the Winner's page within the winners section of Players Club website.
    1. The Grand Prize drawing will be conducted from a pool of three (3) finalists selected in the "Play It Again™" finalist drawing conducted on August 5, 2016. The grand prize drawing will be conducted according to the following schedule:
      Drawing Drawing Date Winners Selected Prize
      Grand Prize September, 2016 (Exact date to be announced.) 1 $1,000,000
    2. The date and location of the $1,000,000 Grand Prize drawing will be announced to the public by the Bureau at least thirty (30) days prior to the Grand Prize drawing date.
    3. The grand prize winner’s name will be posted on both the Bureau and Players Club websites.
    1. The $1,000,000 prize must be claimed at the Bureau's Lansing office. The claimant must contact the Bureau Public Relations office for instructions. The claimant must complete a Ticket Receipt Form and present the Ticket Receipt Form in person to the Bureau for payment.
    2. The $1,000,000 prize must be claimed no later than one (1) year after the drawing date. If the $1,000,000 prize is not claimed within one (1) year after the drawing date the prize shall be forfeited.
    3. The $1,000,000 prize will be paid in one of two methods--Cash Option Payment or an annuitized prize paid in annual installments over a twenty (20) year period.
    4. This program and all participants are subject to Michigan law, rules, directives, and procedures and any prospective and uniform changes thereof.

    On October 21, 1998, the Tax and Trade Release Extension Act of 1998 was signed into law creating a new provision in the Internal Revenue Code (26 USC 451) which changed the constructive receipts doctrine. Section 451 (h) allows a lottery to offer qualified lottery prizewinners a period of time to elect whether to take major lottery prize payments in a single lump sum or in installment payments. It is the intent and purpose of the Bureau to offer the cash option payment in a revenue neutral manner.

    Application of Cash Option Payment

    Formal notice of the Internal Revenue Code 26 USC 451(h) option will be given when the grand prize winner files his or claim at the Bureau's Lansing office.

    The formal notice will remain valid for a period of sixty (60) days after the date of the notice or until the option (cash or annuity) is exercised, whichever is earlier. Unless the cash option is exercised within sixty (60) days of the formal notice, the prize will be paid in installments.

    The cash option payment once elected is irrevocable and will be allowed for the entire prize amount only.

    A partnership or other pass through entity whose members otherwise qualify as eligible persons will be considered to be the eligible person.

    A representative of the partnership or other pass through entity, who is legally identified by the entity, will be deemed authorized to act for the partnership or other pass through entity for purposes of electing a cash option payment.

    The eligible person or the representative of the partnership or other pass-through entity will make the election based on the discount rate in effect at the time of the drawing. An eligible person will have no claim against the Bureau or the State of Michigan because of the discount rate.

    # of Winners Prize Amounts
    1 $1,000,000 annuitized prize
    1. Prize units/share will be truncated to whole dollars.
    2. The grand prize winner who elects the Cash Option Payment method of receiving the grand prize will be paid a lump sum amount.
    3. The grand prize winner who elects the annuity will be paid in annual installments over twenty (20) years. The first payment will be made at the time the prize is claimed; subsequent installments will be paid each year on or about the fifteenth day of the anniversary month of the prize drawing for the next nineteen (19) years.
    4. The value of the annuitized grand prize is $1,000,000.

    Prizes over $5,000 are subject to federal tax withholding for U.S. residents and state income tax withholding at the current rate. Special federal rules apply to withholding for non-resident aliens. Any money withheld in compliance with these requirements will be deposited with the state and federal treasuries under the winner's federal identification number. At the time of the prize payment, the winner that claims a prize of more than $600 will receive a tax statement of gambling winning (W2-G) which identifies the full amount of the prize awarded and the tax withheld if any.


    In accordance with MCL 432.32 before payment of a cash prize of $1,000 or more, the Bureau is obligated to determine if: (1) the Michigan Department of Treasury records show that the Lottery winner has a current liability to this state or a support arrearage; or, (2) the Unemployment Insurance Agency records show that the lottery winner has any current liability for restitution of unemployment benefits, penalty, or interest under section 15 of the Michigan employment security act, 1936 (Ex Sess) PA1, MCL 421.15. If a liability to this state, a support arrearage, or an unemployment compensation debt is identified, the Bureau shall ascertain the amount owed from the Department of Treasury or the Unemployment Insurance Agency and shall apply the amount of the prize as set for the in MCL 432.32. In compliance with MCL 432.32a, within 7 days after paying a prize of $1,000.00 or more, the Bureau shall notify the Department of Human Services of the name of and other available identifying information regarding the winner of the prize and the amount of the prize.


    In the event a dispute between the Bureau and the person who has submitted an entry into this Promotional Period occurs and the dispute involves whether the entry is valid, the rules of this program, the conduct of the drawing, or for any other reason: the Commissioner's decision will be final.


    All lottery transactions and claims are governed by the laws of the State of Michigan, all rules, regulations, and directives of the Michigan Lottery, and any changes thereto. All decisions made by the Commissioner including the declaration of redemption items and reward distributions are final and binding on every person making a claim. This redemption promotion in no way altars the Bureau’s other directives except as provided herein.


    The only basis for a valid claim is compliance with the Michigan law statute, rules and directives. No claim may be premised on human, electronic, or other error in the communication, display or transmission of data, however recorded, displayed, or transmitted. No claim can be premised upon any intentional human, electronic or other form of communication or transmission of data that has not been authorized by the Commissioner.


    The Bureau reserves the right to change the "Play It Again™" promotion in any way and at any time, and to terminate the program subject to appropriate public notification.


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